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Dustin & Natalie Pavlicek August 25, 2007

Here is the story of Dustin (Pav) & I. We met in a EMTclass January 9, 2007 and hung out some and were just friends. On May 11, 2007 I had to get my gallbladder removed and Pav came to see me twice in the hospital and then again when I got home. The next day he come over for quite a while and helped take care of me. After that I realized what a dork I was for having this guy as just a friend. So that night we got texting, I know romantic huh, and he sent me a text that said "so can we go out now?" and of course I said yes. We got engaged in June 2007 and were married August 25, 2007. We were married in Evanston, WY and had a fun reception. The theme was Hawaii and was very laid back. In fact everyone including Pav wore Khaki pants and Hawaii shirts, well the guys that is. The girls wore white t shirts and homemade hawaiian skirts, so it was like $10 for each of the bridesmaids dresses it was great.
And my cake was beautiful, it had candy seashells all over it. She did an amazing job. It was the best day of my life. I know short but sweet if I would have done this blog sooner it would have been longer. LOL

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McKenzie Ann Pavlicek July 3, 2008

On July 2 Dustin and I were eating dinner outside and all of the sudden the contractions hit. They were very severe and only five minutes apart. Dustin started saying we gotta go we gotta go. So, I called the Dr and he said that if they stayed consistant or got worse within an hour to go to the hospital. They started at about 10:45 that night. I decided to jump in the shower since I had an hour, cause I didn't know when I'd be able to take another one. I got out and got ready and they had stayed very consistant and the intensity actually got worse, so about 5 minutes to 12 we headed to the hospital. We checked into the hospital at 12:10 a.m. July 3 and they took us back to labor and delivery. Now I was due on the 28, so I was almost a week late. I was ready. They got me all hooked up to the monitors and it showed that it was labor I was in, so it wasn't just fake ones again. I was actually scheduled to be induced on the 3rd at 7:00 in the morning, so I figured we were a step ahead now since I started contractions on my own. My mom and little sister Becca got there about 1:30. The nurse was giving me pain meds and kept checking on me every once in a while. At 3:30 they induced me. They started the medicine and my contractions started getting worse. I really needed more pain meds, so I got my last dose they had for me. Well around 5:30 they got really bad, they were hitting me every minute, I was in a lot of pain. So they ended up giving me one more dose until the CRNA could get there and do the epidural. They also shut off the medicine for a while so they wouldn't be as intense. At about 6:30 the CRNA got there and did the epidural. That was nice. I tried to get some sleep but the excitement was just too great and the nurse had to come and keep checking the monitor. The Dr came in about 8:30 to check on me. And we just had to wait, because I wasn't dilating. So we just sat around and waited for things to start happening. My dad and some other family members came and visited while we were waiting. The Dr came in again at 11:00 and I was still only dilated to a one, so they did a catheter to measure exact intensity of the contractions, to see if they were strong enough. He left and said he'd be back after he ate lunch to check on me again. Well an hour went past then two hours and at a quarter to 2 I asked the nurse if she'd heard from the Dr. Dustin said "I bet he's doing the lunch golf special." The nurse went and called him and came back and said "your husband is smart he's just finishing up the eighth hole." So he had her check me and I was still only dilated to a one so he said to get me ready for a c section. At 2:10 they rolled me in to the OR for the c section. They got medicine in me and got me all prepped for it. It seemed like forever. Once they got ready for the section Dustin sat and held my hand as we prepared to get our little girl into this world. We were both anxious, excited an nervous. They got the baby out and the Dr said we have a little linebacker, I looked up and saw our little girl, we were both in tears we were so excited to see her, finally. She came into this world at 2:50 p.m. Dustin got to cut the umbilical cord and then took her to the nursery to be cleaned up and weighed and all the good stuff. I had to wait till they stapled me up and I had to be in the recovery room for an hour while my body began to get feeling back. As we were headed out of the OR to go to my room we heard over the intercom nurses to the nursery STAT. And when you hear the word STAT it's not a good thing, and all we thought was in the nursery was our baby. We got out into the hall and my mom yelled down that it was not ours. I about had a heart attack, cause they had just told us she was very healthy. We got to the room and they brought McKenzie Ann Pavlicek into the room to us. I gotta hold our angel for the first time. She weighed 8 lbs 5 oz and measured 21 1/8 in. A pretty big baby but healthy and perfect. Dr said that she had not even dropped, and said she was probably just too big. We had lots of visitors, Dustins parents got there about 7 p.m. We had to stay in the hospital two nights because of the c section, so we watched fireworks outside the ER door for just about an hour. It was a long wait to get her here but it was totally worth it. She is the best thing that ever happened to us, she is a little angel.